My Story


          My life has always been a colorful journey of travel, healthfulness, nutrition, personal growth, spiritual searching and living mindfully and sustainably.  Through this innate curiosity and thirst for deeper meaning, my life has led me around the world and to many careers in the helping fields while amassing a large variety of diverse skill sets. 

          While I seemed to have it all together, I was still yearning for something deeper.  Yearning for that true direction. That undeniable dedication to my path.  Life on the surface was generally really good… yet we all know that “pleasant” and “fine” usually doesn’t give us that imperative thrust necessary to dive in as deep as necessary.  And then it happened.  Traveling, in search of that deeper inspiration, my world came crashing down on me.  I soon found myself back in Asheville with no choice but to commit to doing all the profound personal work I’d been out in the world fruitlessly searching for.  Here I was looking all my fears, patterns and self-limiting belief systems in the face and seeing clearly how they were holding me back.  It was then that I turned to my spiritual teachers and practical guides to help me see all the different aspects of my life clearly and make grounded goals for my future.  For the next several years I excavated my soul and built a temple on top. During this time, I pulled together all of my seemingly disparate talents and passions (organization, goal-setting, nutrition, fitness, cooking, fashion, connecting and helping people, bodywork, communication techniques, spiritual leadership, writing, volunteering, etc.) to discover that they all fit perfectly under the “umbrella” of a comprehensive confidence coach.  So here I am today with a huge back of tricks for real on-the-ground practical change-making and am honored to assist other people in taking charge of their lives.

          In working with many people, I have realized that, despite their differing life experiences and backgrounds, they all came to me with the same root issue - a glaring lack of confidence and inability to see their life affairs and relationships in a simplistic and organized way. With my help and encouragement, I watch them approach life with a new sense of fulfillment, wholeness, inner calm, mindfulness, compassion and generosity! 

          In addition, throughout this process of personal development, I knew that in order to learn some my next big lessons I could only truly learn them from being in deep romantic partnership.  So, I set out to call that into my life.  I learned from lots of trial and error that this is not usually a process of just good luck.  It is a conscious process of doing deep personal work, discovering what you are truly seeking and having skills to go about that search in this modern world of dating.  I learned a lot!... about myself, about online dating, about what to do and what not to do, and about how to call in what I desired using the law of attraction and other mental/spiritual practices… As a result, I manifested exactly the relationship that I wanted!  It is my pleasure to share with my clients all that I have learned and to help them draw the perfect partner into their life as well.

*All ages, demographics and genders are welcome.