Add a Little Spice to your Life

Top 10 Tips to Add a Little Spice to your Life

So your life is just passing by and you just don’t have much exciting going on…. 

No, things are not a disaster… but they’re just not that great either.  Feeling like when you meet people these days you don’t even have anything super interesting to talk about….

Something’s gotta shift.  What are you gonna do about it?



Here’s the rundown:

Don’t wait for the FUN to come find you.  Put yourself out there and find something that interests you.


Show up!  You can’t just think about making changes but expect them to take effect when you haven’t acted on them.  You have t find that momentum and initiate.


Take yourself out on a fun and decadent DATE.  (By going places alone, you’re way more likely to meet people and strike up conversation with others).


Get dressed UP just for the hell of it.  Wearing your drab clothes isn’t making you feel any spunkier but maybe your fineries will.


Believe in yourself and know that you are totally WORTH being around.


Feel the FEAR and do it anyways.  Sure, sometimes you might feel scared or awkward.  Just push through it.  You’ll thank yourself from the other side.


Exercise your CREATIVITY and imagination.  Be it artistically, linguistically or playing make-believe, dedicating time t be in that creative place feeds the spirit in a very particular way.


Dive into a new HOBBY or area of interest.  This will engage you on many levels as well as give you something new to teach other about.


MOVE your body.  Even if you’re not in great shape, getting active movement and vigorous activity benefits the body and calms the nerves.


Adopt a pet.   That pure unconditional LOVE can do miracles for your emotional well-being.


Invest in LEARNING new things.  Knowledge something that you own forever.


Be your own best SUPPORT.  If you’re gonna talk to yourself (as well all do) say nice and supportive things.  If you can’t, then who else will?


Set goals and make plans to achieve them.  You can start with tiny daily GOALS to gain momentum and then work up to your major life changing goals.


If you think people are JUDGING you, you’re probably wrong.  You’re probably just judging yourself.




Go make magic happen! YOU GOT THIS!

Ambra Lionstone

Lionstone Re-Vision Coaching
Founder, Love Your Life and Skyrocket Your Confidence Mastermind

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