That terrifying EGO

The other day a client of mine said to me that he was “terrified” that he would grow old alone. 


“I’m just not any good at meeting people or talking to women and now I’m an old man and I have grey hair and I don’t have a perfect body and no one would even want me.”

After doing a little digging, I discovered he had a very real FEAR around not being good enough.

Here was that old “friend:… the EGO, which is always trying to protect you using fear.

It’s that nasty bully who whispers rude and unsupportive things in your ear and tries to get you to believe it.  The ego thinks it is protecting you from getting hurt by others by sabotaging you first.  It’s like the animal caught in the trap who’s chewing off his own leg because he doesn’t know what other options he has.


But what if the EGO knew of another option?


What if this guy could find his sense of self satisfaction and daily personal joy?  What if he decided to love himself and celebrate his strengths and wins and not focus solely on the flaws? Then the ego might not be trying so hard to defend itself (from unknown assailants) and may actually be helpful in striking up conversation to the single ladies…



The ability to overcome FEAR and do something DIFFERENT.

If you want different results, you gotta do something different.

Imagine what your life would look like if you were not afraid to fail?

Ambra Lionstone

Lionstone Re-Vision Coaching
Founder, Love Your Life and Skyrocket Your Confidence Mastermind


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